Can the World Afford…..?


Can the World Afford…..?

Ever wonder whether your decisions really make a difference?  Sometimes you feel strongly about something and don’t really see a way to make a difference?  It’s really frustrating to know that the big companies really don’t give a fuck what you want, think, expect or anything else for the matter.  The only thing we know for sure is that big business is all about the money… greed at its best!  Thus, the only way to be heard is by spending our dollars in places we are heard.

Spend your dollars on things you believe in and at businesses that support your thoughts.  Pretty overwhelming concept at best!  What do you know about Target, Wal-Mart, Smiths, or any store for that matter?  If you start to do your research (which who the hell has time to do that) you’ll see that things can be quiet deceiving.  A perfect example, I really like the magazine Body + Soul so I subscribe and feel okay about it.  Then I notice a couple of things in the magazine about Martha Stewart….. like I’m not a Martha hater or lover, but I wouldn’t opt to increase her business bottom line but I did, Body + Soul is a Martha production.  You never know what business marriages are out there and trust me they aren’t advertised!

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy what you want but I am saying that you should be aware and if something a company is doing bothers you … well, you could write an email or letter but that won’t get you very far …. But reducing their profits… they might hear you if enough people follow.

At this point, I’m sure you know I love animals and am a bleeding heart liberal.  And well little things have been know to piss me off, that maybe most people wouldn’t think twice about.  An example of my ability to be annoyed by big thoughtless companies would be most recently Disney.  I rented the latest in the series of the Pirates of the Caribbean and the section of the movie where they escape the island of cannibals and leave the cannibals chasing the poor doggie.  Well, that fucking pissed me off!!  Was that supposed to be funny?  Do you think the kids watching the movie got it or did they just laugh?  I’m sure the adults got it but well it doesn’t matter.  Since, I tend to have a higher expectation of Disney, yea it matters.  It left a lasting impression on me about that company now.  No marketing will erase that distaste from my mind!

Does your choice to buy local matter?  No, I’m not talking about avoiding buying from the internet.  There are your local businesses that aren’t chains but actual businesses that were started here and run by local citizens.  A lot of those small businesses have been run out of business by companies like Wal-Mart but some still exist.

Let’s look at your food, most people are going to go to Smiths or Raleys, Wal-Mart … and never think about it.  Where else are you going to buy groceries?  Most of the time you can assume that the food found in those stores has been transported from somewhere other than here.  You figure the price is good why go anywhere else?  I use to always shop where the price was the best, which by the way was actually Sunflower Market for produce.  Now, I spend more, buy local and organic.  Being the frugal type, that was hard but I really do care about how the world around me evolves and just had to suck it up and do the right thing for me.

Now, if you knew me, you’d know that was a huge adjustment.  But I feel better about my choices.   So food for thought for you, ever wonder who puts the money out there for the politicians to campaign?  Yes, there are a lot of “corporate” donors, hmmm, so the money I added to the bottom line is now being used to influence the world.  Scary, for real!  Oh, yea then there are the zealots out there trying to change the world with power, money, and politics.  I try not to buy from overly “god folk” they don’t represent my viewpoints so I don’t want them influencing my world if at all possible.

The bottom line is that every choice and action you take really truly does matter.  The life of a dollar is a very long and powerful one.

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