Do you remember your last period?


Do you remember your last period?

So the period roller coaster of menopause is just insane. I did ask my older friends for guidance and well they just didn’t remember the whole process. I took that to mean it’s a lot like childbirth, you forget the unpleasant parts enough to do it again. I personally never went down that path so I did not have that reference point. But now a few years past walking through fire and I can honestly tell you I don’t remember when I had my last period and quite frankly it’s hard to remember ever having one. Yes, that sounds so crazy but it’s the weird before and after.  You have so many new body challenges that you don’t really have time to linger on what has already flipped.

While I don’t remember when my last period was, I do recall since it hasn’t been that long, that it was the most erratic process. It’s like when you turn a bottle to get the last drops out of it.  All the odd larger particles have floated to the bottom and it comes out in large amounts and small amounts until the bottle is empty. So there were months when I had no period at all then I recall one month where my period lasted three weeks. That one sucked! The other really disturbing part is the colors. You’ll see a lot of rust and funky browns, again scraping the bottle of that bottle.

During this process I kept every size there was of tampon and sanitary pads in my car and a few in my purse. Why, because that monthly schedule you used to plan your life by is gone. It happens when it happens whenever at whatever flow rate it wants. Yes, this normal…. well the normal for the process.

Outside of these challenges you just don’t fill normal anymore, your schedule and hormones are just changing so it feels like the ground has fallen away and you don’t know who you are anymore. So the takeaway here, after you get through the fire, no more periods. But don’t throw away your pantyliners just yet, you’ll probably need them.

I would recommend downloading one of the period apps and start tracking your cycles it’ll help you when discussing the transition with your doctor.