I suppose it has either become a true concern or a trendy fashion to be aware of the effects society has had on the earth.  I’m hoping that it is a true concern, this isn’t a new concept it just took quite a few years to gain momentum and to actually be heard.  I’m sure Al Gore’s movie helped a lot!  It is rather ironic that a man that had the presidency stolen from him still managed to change the world.  Rather bittersweet in essence, especially for the people who have died at war.

I’ll be honest I’m trying to make headway on everything that needs to change just in my personal life to be friendly to the earth but it is so overwhelming sometimes and expensive.  I have a long list of things to change, shoot I still need to get the right light bulbs.  No, I haven’t started traditional recycling, I’ve looked at a lot of information on the web but it would be so very nice if I could just go somewhere and they teach me what I need to do and how to do it.  Composting, same thing, I want to do it but I’m not so sure what is the best thing for me.  So I’ve accepted that I will work my way that direction.  Otherwise, I’ll just give up.

I know it’s not that complicated, and I’m not a total dummy but quite frankly, I still have a life so finding time to become well versed on the topics it hard and expensive.

On the upside, I am all drip irrigation.  It took a few years to get things where I was aspiring but it’s slowly moving that direction.  I really hope to have a veggie garden eventually but I’ll have to learn how to do that also.  The ironic part is I’m from the country and we had a large garden but as a teen, I avoided all manual labor, thus my knowledge of these things is not what it could have been.

Living in the southwest I really wish I could afford the solar panels that would keep my electric bill from going over $250 during the winter.  I feel so raped and pillaged by big oil that I’ve pretty much had it up to here.  I’m sure Bush and Cheney are set quite nicely for retirement and all their old, white, religious, and greedy cronies.

That being said I suppose I could pay more for electricity to use the wind power.  That is totally illogical that it should cost more, but it’s not like I can shop my utilities that are a bit of a monopoly, kinda like Qwest, they suck but there aren’t many other options.

Transportation, yea, my car is 20 years old and she has some issues but I love the no car payment thing and insurance is nicely priced so I’m not really enthusiastic about buying a new car and paying more for a hybrid.  Again, that whole passing the cost of research and development on to the consumer kinda sticks in my craw.  Besides no company has come to the table in a manner that truly impresses me with their values and ethics enough to take on a debt to society.

I guess my bottom line is:  I want to help make a difference, but I’m gonna have to go at a pace I can manage and afford.  A little at a time!