Fur Balls of Joy


Fur Balls of Joy

It is safe to say that either you are into animals or aren’t…. it is okay but animal lovers really don’t get “those other people” and “those other people” really don’t get animal lovers!!

That being said I have really close friends who are “those other people”.  They are still good people but don’t ever try to change their scope of thought it just doesn’t work that way.

As a special note, having made the mistake of dating “those other people”… yea, that doesn’t work either.  Maybe everything else works in the relationship but that isn’t a match… it really does seem to end up being a make or break in the end.  That is if everyone is honest and true to themselves.

Joy negates stress…. Thus, animals negate stress… in my world…. The joy I have with my babies… I derive from no other means on the planet.  It is pure love, unconditional… no agenda… no strings… it just is….  When you come home and they are happy to see you… they really, really are… they don’t care if you look bad, feel bloated… just want to curl up in a ball and cry… but I usually get doggie kisses if I cry… so they care about that one….

I’ve always had animals in my life… I usually communicate with them better than humans…. And I thought I knew a lot until I took horseback riding lessons this summer… WOW!  It’s like a communion of an experience like no other… You have to trust, build a relationship, be patient (that word again), love and let go to ride.  I can honestly say I can equate this to nothing else I’ve ever done.  There were moments where I thought I could fly, hell it felt like I was flying.

So, my number one daily stress relief is at home and furry….