How to accept aging

How to accept aging

How to accept aging

When you are in the thick of your body changing it really does feel like why is this happening to me! But we have to remind ourselves, it happens to everyone if you stay alive on this planet.

So one of the things I found that helped me was looking at someone I didn’t know that had gone through it. So I looked at famous women.  I found a famous woman in her seventies and looked at their photos from the twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, and seventies.  While she still might look great you’ll see that her body has changed over the years. Sometimes visuals just make it easier to recognize the changes are normal.

Then make peace with the following things:

– Aging is not preventable, there’s no amount of Botox or plastic surgery that will permanently fix it.

– You will go through menopause and you will survive but you will not be the same person you were. Love who you were but find who you are now.

– Find good doctors before you need them, preferably older women you have been there and understand. You would not take your car to a mechanic that’s never owned a car. So I firmly believe it matters to have someone as a medical resource that has a clue.

– During menopause, you will have to learn patience and how to prioritize yourself because you won’t have a choice, if you learn it earlier you are ahead of the game.

– Learn to let go. If you are aging you are going to more funerals. Try to get used to it, I know it sounds horrible but find a way to make peace with it or you’ll be staying down that rabbit hole of grief.  Yes, every day I miss someone but after the first couple of deaths (parents) I asked an older friend and she said you get used to it.  So learn to love deeply but let go and grieve as needed. BTW no one warned me this was something that comes with aging even though it’s quite obvious you aren’t truly prepared at first.

– Stop buying material things, especially things that last forever. When buying if you remind yourself someone in the next so many years will have to get rid of it when you die it will definitely make you think twice about whether you need to waste your money on something. Better to use your money on experiences that you can do now and might not be able to do in the future.  Enjoy the people you love.

– Learn to sew.. yes, I said learn to sew. Why, well you’ll find that the marketplace is sorely lacking in representing women who are still alive and have any sense of style. I HATE, white, beige, gray and black…. I like color and fun funky. Trust me they don’t make that for me now so I have to find it or make it.  I’m working on making it.

This is just a start…. It’s a big mind and body shift this journey and it’s not for the weak of heart. Resistance is Futile!