Touch Me, Touch You


Touch Me, Touch You

I’ve heard this rumor and even read about this thing called intimacy. It sounds enticing… and scary…. I can’t actually say I know about it first hand. I want to but I have a tendency to run from it, I guess you could say I have a love-hate relationship with a theory. But ya know, I believe that it exists, I really do. I don’t know how to find it, but I do know how to be naughty and freaky!

Sex, what does it mean in your life? I use to think that I’d surely die if I wasn’t getting it on a regular basis. Love and sex meant the same thing to me for many years. I had a lot of meaningless & random sex. I was a junkie, trying to get the one love (sex) high that would last. Honestly, it was a lot of fun and I totally sewed my “wild oats”. But somewhere along the trip it just became more work and frustration than fun. Besides these days you can die from a one night stand. Trust me it’s scary to wait for results after sex that wasn’t THAT great, ya know what I mean. That dick better be damn good for a death sentence.

Then there’s that allure of intimacy. What does it truly feel like to connect with someone on that level? No walls, no barriers, just the oneness. When your bodies and souls connect and climax as one. Yeah, I want that!

But in the meantime, I’m not bothering with casual. The last time I followed my fancy, boy toy, the novelty wore off very quickly. Alas, self-pleasure. Pocket rockets are a miracle and addictive! If you are new to the venue of thought, well plan ahead and have a super jumbo package of AA batteries on hand. I really do have to endorse the pocket rocket over any of the vibes out there. Small but intense, direct and to the point. I keep mine under the pillow; you never know when there’ll be an itch to scratch.

Once you have your pocket rocket and a good supply of batteries you’ll need your mental or visual stimulation. Now if you have a nice supply of eye candy at work or gym well you’re ready to go. Otherwise, you might need some assistance; I like to keep a few movies on hand that have enjoyable actors in them. DVDs really do make it easy to freeze that frame of delicious male physic. Not your thing, then might I recommend some erotica, all levels and flavors are available. I especially like Anne Rice’s trilogy about Sleeping Beauty. Oh yes, there’s the internet, which has everything you might want.

Then there’s self-massage. You really do get to know your body on an intimate level. I do that every morning and night. It is relaxing and you tune into yourself. We move through our daily routines so quickly that sometimes we don’t actually feel ourselves. So the simple act of rubbing oil over your body in a soothing manner has a very plugged in feeling.