What is Beauty?


What is Beauty?

When you look at history and other cultures the United States appears to be the only country with such a twisted perspective about beauty. It has all been researched, designed, manipulated and fully altered to match what the “powers that be” have deemed to be in.

If women came together and started saying no with their $$$’s then the business would have to listen. It would change; unfortunately, women are not known for having the ability to build “an atta girl” club. Maybe it’s because we are all so overwhelmed with trying to keep up and be superwoman. Again, are you trying to be superwoman because you dreamed of growing up and being superwoman or are you actually responding to what society tells us we should want and need?

If we could just slow down long enough to breathe and evaluate why we are making our choices we might choose differently. I know it sounds selfish but maybe every woman’s first agenda should be pleasing herself. I always say “you only get one life and only you can live it”. So if you don’t take care of you, whose responsibility is it?

I know that it sounds easier than it is. Making changes has a very large ripple effect that you may not be ready to deal with…. but don’t wait until it’s too late. You just can’t go back and recapture that day.

The bottom line, when you are being true to yourself and following your dreams and passions your natural beauty comes out. You can’t hide it.